Farm to table and everything in between

We’ve been bringing happiness to Mango lovers across the world since 1954 and continue to do so. Straight from the farm to your plate, our freshly grown mangoes come as perfect as they look in a picture—vibrant, sweet, juicy,  citrusy, and a pleasure to savour.


Yes, the juicy mangoes that reach you are grown ethically and come with the badge of impeccable quality.

Journey of the produce from farm to table

Dial-a-mango has been bringing the best to your table since 1984, with years of delivering farm-fresh alphonso mangoes to your table our journey has allowed us to gradually learn and constantly improve with time. We believe that indulging in the king of fruits should be a regal experience and for that, we are here.
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Size Grading

Thermal Scanning


Hot Water Therapy

Air Drying

Ripening Chamber

Manual Sorting


Packaging & Strapping

Delivery at Doorstep


When nutty notes of avocado met juicy mangoes

The king will always rule no matter the place or recipe,