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Kesar Mangoes

Kesar Mangoes

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Box - 9 pc(s)

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About the product

Kesar mango popularly known as "The Queen of Mango" originates from the Junagadh region of Gujarat, India. It is a mango with a sweet, citric aromatic flavour and luscious velvety texture. It is harvested from May to June. It's used for exotic dishes, smoothies, and fresh summer delicacies.


  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Rich in Vitamin A
  • Good source of iron, folate and copper


  • A box contains 9pc(s) of 250-290gms, Junagadh Kesar mangoes
  • Sourced from local farmer partners across the Konkan belt.
  • Ripened in temperature, humidity & airflow controlled chambers.
  • Packed at optimal maturity as per users consumption date.
  • Do not refrigerate. Store at moderate room temperature.
  • Shelf life: 3-4 days from the date mentioned on packaging.
  • Chemical free
  • strictly ethical
  • naturally ripened
  • Rich in nutrients
  • handpicked
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Product Type


A tempting intensely sweet fragrance.


A cylindrical medium-sized fruit with a pointed end.


Creamy and sweet with a hint of sourness.


A beautiful gradient hue of red, golden yellow and lime green.

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Discover the
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Journey of the produce from farm to table

Dial-a-mango has been bringing the best to your table since 1984, with years of delivering farm-fresh alphonso mangoes to your table our journey has allowed us to gradually learn and constantly improve with time. We believe that indulging in the king of fruits should be a regal experience and for that, we are here.
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Size Grading

Thermal Scanning


Hot Water Therapy

Air Drying

Ripening Chamber

Manual Sorting


Packaging & Strapping

Delivery at Doorstep


Yes, the juicy mangoes that reach you are grown ethically and come with the badge of impeccable quality.