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Payri Mangoes

Payri Mangoes

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About the product

Payri mango is defined by a tiny nose at the bottom and a reddish yellow exterior. Once sliced open, it reveals a juicy, tender, and golden-yellow fruit that tastes as sweet and tangy as a fine blend of apricot and peach. These mangoes are really popular in Maharashtra and Karnataka region for juice due to its thin pulp and sweet citric taste.


  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Rich in Vitamin A
  • Good source of iron, folate and copper.


  • Sourced from local farmer partners across the Konkan belt.
  • Ripened in temperature, humidity & airflow controlled chambers.
  • Packed at optimal maturity as per users consumption date.
  • Do not refrigerate. Store at moderate room temperature.
  • Shelf life: 3-4 days from the date mentioned on packaging.
  • Chemical free
  • strictly ethical
  • naturally ripened
  • Rich in nutrients
  • handpicked
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Product Type


A sweet, floral and tropical fragrance.


Large oval fruit with a tiny nose at the bottom.


Rich sweet and tangy notes with a tinge of citrus.


A yellow skin that opens up to golden flesh.

This dessert comes with the all approved stamp of freshness

This dessert comes with the all approved stamp of freshness

Journey of the produce from farm to table

Dial-a-mango has been bringing the best to your table since 1984, with years of delivering farm-fresh alphonso mangoes to your table our journey has allowed us to gradually learn and constantly improve with time. We believe that indulging in the king of fruits should be a regal experience and for that, we are here.
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Size Grading

Thermal Scanning


Hot Water Therapy

Air Drying

Ripening Chamber

Manual Sorting


Packaging & Strapping

Delivery at Doorstep


Yes, the juicy mangoes that reach you are grown ethically and come with the badge of impeccable quality.